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Raise a glass to hometown pride with our hi-ball glasses, featuring our Ambler Farm and Connecticut's nutmeg tree.  It's a great addition to the home barware collection or as a gift for the new homeowner, craft beer aficionado, college grad, or anyone with Wilton roots. Pair it with some local craft beers for an extra special hometown gift. 

Cleaning Hi-Ball Glasses:

1.  Hand wash glassware - it takes less than a minute. Dishwashers can leave an invisible film that can alter the taste of the beer. Dishwashing also can damage branded glassware by stripping logos.

2. Have a dedicated brush or sponge just for your beer glasses. To avoid leaving residue from dish soap or other fats/oils, don’t use one that is used for other dishes/pots etc.

3. Don’t use dishwashing soap – these contain oils and create suds which can cling to the glass, killing head retention. Instead use bicarb soda sprinkled inside the glass or on a sponge/brush or plain water. Give it a light scrub and then rinse.

$26 Each